Why Google+ is Important to your Business

With new and more innovative social media platforms popping up daily, marketers have to prioritize their time to the ones that will reach the right audience.

So the questions are, which networks leverage your time spent versus visitors, customers and eventually promoters reached, best? After the mainstays of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which social networks are worth your time?

Why Google+

A platform that often gets overlooked is Google+. The impact on your business can be boiled down to one thing — the influence of Google as a search engine. Think about it, you have a question about anything and everything, where is your first stop? (commonly called Googling it).

Having a Google+ company profile and producing quality content increases the chance of your company appearing high in search results.

A business’ Google+ information is integrated into all of Google’s services including search, maps and news. A snapshot including a picture, logo and basic information about your company, appears on the right side of the results screen with a Follow button.

Key Features

Remember to post quality messages with images on a regular basis and link to your company’s other social media platforms. Include links to any page you want to drive traffic to in the Google+ link section. Encourage readers to use the +1 feature to recommend your content.

The story section under About Me will become the meta-description or introduction for your business in the search results, so post words that will draw the reader in to click. Also include a title and important SEO keywords about your company in the first 40-50 words of every post.

Getting Started

Build your page by entering basic company information and linking to all administrators’ personal Google+ pages. Post links to blog posts and articles as you would on Facebook or Twitter. Connect your Google+ page with your organization’s YouTube page.

Interact with visitors through a Google Hangout or a conversation about a post. Then build content based on common questions and comments.