Is Inbound Marketing Right for you?

As traditional marketing transitions to a more inbound approach, some business owners may be wondering if it’s time to join the party.

From coffee shops to law firms, companies are pulling radio and TV ads and tearing down billboards for the more subtle, less invasive practice of attracting customers through inbound methods. And with cost savings and a results tracker built right into the model, how could you go wrong?

But before you chuck all your old habits, it’s important to know that inbound is the way to go. Through the tactics of search engine optimization, eBooks, specialized email campaigns, top-notch web content, and social media marketing, here are 5 examples businesses have used to generate success with inbound marketing.

Are your customers hanging out in cyber space?

If the clientele you are targeting use online search engines to find your services, inbound is a great way to make them see you.

Main Line Family Law Center, a private Pennsylvania practice specializing in divorce and separation cases, discovered that many people were googling key phrases to find good attorneys. Main Line began taking those phrases and tag words and peppering them throughout its page content and blogs. Pretty soon, the firm began dominating web searches, and even jumped to a number one ranking for multiple keywords.

Are you competing with big fish?

If you are trying to keep up with large companies around the globe, you’ll need to stand out. Inbound could be your perfect solution.

The Rodon Group, a family-owned plastic injection molding manufacturer, found its market niche with an eye-catching eBook that prompted clicks by playing up a globally competitive “Cheaper than China” campaign. The enticing slogan, fueled by the eBook containing stats and facts that stacked Rodon Group’s prices up against overseas competitors, gained national attention and a presidential endorsement.

Do you have a claim to fame?

Big or small, when your company is recognized for something positive, it becomes special. Consumers like special things. Inbound can help spread the word.

Jackson Coffee Company, an independent coffee shop with a concerted mission to make the best brew, has six consecutive “Best Coffee House” awards under its belt against several major U.S. chains and other independent coffee houses. Jackson Coffee utilized an email marketing campaign to reach out to customers and the results put them at the top of the coffee house circuit.

Are you on a budget?

Many businesses do not have a never-ending flow of cash for marketing. And many are competing with big-wig companies with hefty checkbooks. The cost savings of inbound marketing can work wonders for these companies.

Help Scout, a B2B customer service software company, is highly focused on providing personal customer support that it plays up through extraordinary content. After utilizing a mixture of sharp, clean interactive graphics, solid and informative videos, and engaging blog posts, Help Scout stood out among industry heavyweight competitors like Disney with a steady month-over-month growth rate and a huge jump in leads.

Are you in an unusual market?

What happens when your company, for reasons beyond your control, offers something that is not the norm among its peers? Inbound can help.

Takk Takk, an Icelandic tourist agency, identified perfectly with this. While scenic and beautiful, Iceland is not the first place that comes to mind when would-be tourists picture their dream vacations. So Takk Takk took to social media. A typical inbound practice, social media marketing allows companies to connect with consumers on a personal level. The agency created a silly cyber admin and put its voice on social media pages, landing pages, thank you pages, emails and CTA’s. The results were incredible, with Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport reporting record-breaking tourist numbers after the campaign’s launch.

These are just a few real-life examples of how inbound marketing has helped generate success. A number of additional tactics also exist under the inbound umbrella and marketing agencies like Innovations Branding House can offer you even more guidance to determine if this innovative strategy is a fit.