Innovations Insights: What’s in Your Marketing Toolbox?

A client recently asked me what I thought about Facebook as a marketing tool, and would it work?

I also get regular questions like, “Isn’t radio a good idea?”

The problem with these questions is that there’s no simple answer.

It helps to think of marketing tactics like tools – in other words, in order to fix something that’s broken, you have to use multiple tools from the toolbox.

And each tool fixes a very specific problem. So if I needed to fix my car, it would be like asking my mechanic if he likes half-inch wrenches.

He would probably tell me that he thinks they’re OK. However, he would use multiple tools at very specific times in order to fix the problem.

So here are some things to think about:

1. What’s important about the marketing toolbox is that it has more than just a few tools in it.

You want to use some social media for transparency, vinyl car wraps for outdoor messaging and so on.

2. Is it the right tool for the right job?

Don’t use a hammer to tighten a loose screw. We regularly see businesses use video when blogging would have worked, or email blasts when mailers would have been better.

3. Lastly, how to use the tool.

The answer might be to lightly tap the nail with the hammer so it doesn’t bend, versus smashing it. Likewise, if the tool you need it data research, how exactly are you collecting the data?
Moving forward, how confident are you that you’re using the proper tools for the job?