Create A Sales & Marketing Relationship That Works

When you’re passionate about the work you do, it can be easy to isolate yourself and your focus to solely your tasks. But, let us present the possibility that your work is fruitless without communicating inside your organization.

How can this be possible? Let’s talk specifically about the sales and marketing relationship within an organization.

The purpose of sales is to create new sales, upsell and nurture current clients. Marketing is focused on supporting the brand image with the right advertising and messaging.

But, these two departments shouldn’t feel like they are competing. They should instead see one as the driving support of the other.

What do sales and marketing teams have in common?

  • Work within a system

Again, sales and marketing are very different in purpose even though they’re both reaching for the goal of increasing awareness and sales for their company. Because their purpose is different, so are the systems they work within. Sales will work within Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. There are many to choose from, but the main purpose is to assist the sales team in tracking potential and current customers. It allows them to easily document who is being contacted and where they are in the sales cycle.

In marketing, we will also work with a system. This is generally linked to the CRM so potential leads made from marketing efforts are funneled straight to the sales team.

The marketing system will track mass engagement from different platforms targeting different customer personas. For example, their system will track how many opened an email and what content they clicked on most.

  • Create plans

Each department creates a plan and then works within that plan to reach their goal. Here’s an example: Sales: As a team, make 50 calls a day, have three conversations which will lead to 1 promising meeting. Marketing: Create messaging that generates leads for sales team to help them fulfill their plan. Marketing plans should always merge with the current sales plan.

  • See communication as key

There has to be communication not just with potential customers, but between both of these departments. Many times sales and marketing teams do not communicate, which can sometimes lead to pointless efforts made by both parties.

So what indicators display a healthy relationship between sales and marketing teams?

  1. They are aware of each other’s efforts.This goes back to that important communication piece! Have you ever heard your sales team say, “I really wish we had a brochure or pamphlet to hand out!”…only to find out one was made but never given to the sales team to use?If you have, you’re not the only one! One of the first things we work on with our clients is helping them understand the need for efforts to match. Communication is key for this to happen! The sales campaigns should always align with the campaigns the marketing team is creating.
  2. They have regular meetings together.The easiest way to keep everyone aware of the efforts being made, is to have regular meetings. This allows for a couple of things:

    -the sales team can communicate their needs (ex. tradeshow materials)

    -the sales team can bring light to the attitudes they’re facing  from potential customers.

    -both teams can talk about results and analytics

    -both teams can work on using all of this information to tweak current campaigns or build new ones.

  3. They regularly analyze results and ask “what worked?”Analysis is a huge component to creating future campaigns that will work for the organization. For sales, they can see which tactics work to close more sales. For marketing, they can see what tactics are driving more qualified leads. Together, they can increase leads and sales with the most effective efforts.

So, are your sales and marketing teams talking to one another? Do you think your marketing needs a little boost? Try evaluating your organization with this information.