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Todd Duff is the founder and CEO of Innovations Branding House, a nationally acclaimed, award winning marketing firm in Paducah, Kentucky. Todd enjoys sharing his expertise in marketing and business strategy.  

Todd travels to seminars and conferences to speak on:

  • marketing tactics
  • business strategy
  • effective goal setting

He has developed a culture at Innovations that cultivates creative talent and encourages breaking the rules… which is sometimes what you need to gain a competitive edge in marketing and promote business growth.   

“We live in a unique country that allows for creative problem solvers/entrepreneurs to start with very little and make a significant impact on our economy. There is a reason that half of all employees have chosen to work for a small business,” Todd says.

More than just speaking at various events and seminars, Todd is known for his innovation and… his magic. Yep, you read that right. Todd uses card and coin tricks to illustrate how his audience can build a better marketing or business plan (or just for fun, people’s reactions are the best!).  

Todd has been awarded 11 patents for inventions he shares with Pepsi Cola Mid-America for a beverage dispensing apparatus. He loves opening a new deck of playing cards, smoking cigars and bourbon-sipping with friends.

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“Fun presentation today – Branding Your Business – insight, tips, tools – amazing magic.”

– Bobbie Wrinkle, Adult Services Librarian
McCracken County Public Library

“Todd was asked to come and inform the members of the Propeller Club Port of Paducah about the importance of branding and marketing for growing organizations. His presentation provided great insights about how major companies have been successful in their efforts, but he also made you reflect on personal presentation and the importance of setting goals to achieve. Todd’s use of magic intertwined with real world issues in marketing engaged the entire audience.”

– Andrew Gates, President
President, Propeller Club – Port of Paducah

“I recently attended a marketing seminar by Todd Duff…Towards the end, Todd discussed goal setting for your business. I usually do this, but Todd took goal setting a step further, adding visualizing the reward, which I have not considered before. After attending this seminar, I have been thinking about how everything I do impacts my business. I found Todd’s marketing seminar to be helpful, informative, thought provoking and fun.”

– Jo Zulkowsky-Cook, Owner
Jo’s Baskets & Gifts