Honing Your Message, Role of Content Strategists

Creating a Content Strategy

Do you have a full understanding of who your audience is? That’s why we’ve spent a lot of time talking about how to determine who your ideal customer is and how to talk to them. If you’ve missed our first two installments of this series check them out here:

Who is Your Audience? Let’s Brainstorm
Who is Listening to You? Getting to Know Your Audience

Hear from the content strategists of Innovations Branding House to learn how to take the knowledge you’ve learned to hone your message to be sent to the right audience, at the right time. Continue reading “Honing Your Message, Role of Content Strategists”

Change Your Focus and Connect With Your Customers

Tell Your Story & Connect With Your Customer

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Businesses everyday sit on the sidelines as they watch competitors do what they know at the core they could do better. But, many neglect to tell their customers that.Connect to the Right Customer at the Right Time

Last month, we discussed how the driving force of any marketing plan is the belief that what you are selling is worth your customer’s time and money. Marketing’s focus isn’t on sales, it’s on empowering your customer to choose you, the choice you make everyday when you walk into your business.

Marketing helps you move past the ideas that features are what grab people’s attention. Yes, those are selling points, but start thinking about how those features impact your customer’s everyday life. People connect with stories. How does your product or service fit into their life and make it better? Continue reading “Change Your Focus and Connect With Your Customers”

Marketing Isn’t a Dirty Word, It’s a Service

Marketing is a service

**As first seen in the Paducah Sun’s Business Journal and at paducahsun.com.


“The customer is more empowered now.”

In the age of information, this is a commonly heard phrase because information is literally always at your fingertips. But, what’s interesting, is that phrase is sometimes an excuse for businesses not to engage in marketing.

Who Will Empower Your Customer

If you’re a business owner though, wouldn’t you want to be the one empowering your customer? Don’t you want to be the one inspiring them to make the right choice to grow in their personal life or business?

If you don’t, then your competitor will.

It’s time for businesses to stop viewing advertising, marketing and public relations tactics as something dishonest or dirty. If done correctly, it’s actually the exact opposite. It’s time to start looking at marketing as a service, not to your business, but to your customer. Continue reading “Marketing Isn’t a Dirty Word, It’s a Service”

Who is Listening to You? Getting to Know Your Audience

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Do you feel like you’re screaming your worth across social media but you’re not sure who really cares? Well, you can find out! Social media platforms provide you different analytics that display a wealth of information.

We’ve talked a lot lately about how to get to know your audience. Here are our first two articles:

Who is your Audience?  Let’s Brainstorm [VIDEO]

Why You Need to be Posting on LinkedIn

Have you done the tasks set out in the previous two articles? Now, let’s move on to analytics and using them to help you build a more accurate picture of who your audience is!

We’re going to focus on Facebook Insights, but most social media platforms have some type of analytics you can take a look at.  Some of the top things you want to keep an eye on are:

  • The total reach of your posts.
  • The number of engagements.
  • How people are engaging with you.


The video above walks you through mock Facebook Insights data. You’ll learn how to:

-See the demographics of those who are engaging with your posts the most.

-See the time of day your Facebook fans are online.

-Find out which type of posts your fans like and respond to most.

So, watch the video and really get to know who is listening to you! Now, let’s talk about what you can do with this information.


Understanding your analytics allows you to do a few different things:

  1. Evaluate if this social platform is working for your company. Facebook is a great tool for most companies, but if YOUR audience isn’t there, then it may not be something to put much effort into. Just like we explained here, if you’re a B2B, you may need to put more effort into LinkedIn.  See who and when people are engaging with you on the platform and then decide if it is worth it to move forward.  NOTE: Trying a platform for a month will not be enough to make this decision.


  1.  Create engaging content. As you take a closer look at your analytics you’ll be able to see what types of posts you should create. When you understand who is listening to you on social media, you can begin talking directly to them, their struggles, successes, humor and personalities.  As we’ve stressed over and over, understanding WHO you’re talking to will help you create marketing plans that work.


  1.  Make decisions on when and how to post.  You have awesome content to post…now what do you do next? If you watched the video above, you’ll know what times your audience is most engaged on Facebook, so now you can schedule posts to go out at that time. Also, now that you know what types of posts they like best, you can work on creating more like them. Do they love videos? Make a video from the content you have.  Even a simple slideshow of pictures can sometimes do the trick!  You simply want to create more of what your audience loves, and show it when they’re most willing to receive it. But, remember there is also something to be said for variety in the content you create.


Remember data helps you make decisions but it’s not an exact science. You want to share your company’s personality and mission with your followers. Stilted content that all looks exactly the same isn’t what you should take away from this post.  Instead, give your audience variety, but always keep in mind who you’re talking to.

Just keep giving them what they’ll love!

Keep following our “getting to know your audience” series! In a few weeks, you’ll meet our content strategists who will help you start honing your message for the right audience.