Innovations Branding House - Celebrating 15 years


Celebrating 15 Years
We’re celebrating our 15th anniversary! And as with any celebration of time, we’re also reflecting on what we’ve seen. Because believe us, we have seen a lot over the years. We’ve watched businesses succeed and businesses fail, and technologies come and go. And more importantly, we have pushed our business to improve year after year to be better partners for our clients.

ThinkstockPhotos-494755506Innovations was in business before Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were created. Now, we work with these media daily. We saw the end of brand giants like Polaroid, Borders and Blockbuster Video and the beginning of the digital revolution.

And technology is always evolving, so looking back even 2 years reveals some adjustments. After 15, it’s comical. We can’t imagine still using zip drives to back up our data!

But, the most relevant topic is how many situations the Innovations team now knows how to handle. After 15 years’ worth of clients, technology shifts and minor scrapes, any situations our clients ask us to solve now aren’t so hard.