Innovations Branding House

Our Work

We’re a (whatever’s trending right now) marketing agency experienced in building brands and increasing customers, but not just anyone. We’ll be the first to tell you NO. We don’t succeed unless you succeed, and failure does not register in our lexicon.

We create goal driven strategies to determine the proper course of action. Together, we will decide how to measure that success since each client’s goal is going to be unique. Then, we will work to decide which tools work best for your goals and put that plan into action. Take a look at some of the challenges our clients have faced and how we set out to achieve results:


The Challenge

Cook came to us wanting to find a way to easily provide consumers with information consistent with their brand that would help set them apart from their competitors. In addition, they had an overlying goal of obtaining more qualified leads for their business.

The Results

Building on the already strong logo, we were able to create strong, supplemental pieces to support their brand identity. This included a dealer handbook, video, company posters, signage, and a social media campaign. During the process we also revamped their existing website to drive more traffic to the Cook brand.

“I can’t say enough good things about the team at Innovations Branding House. They assist our company in every facet of marketing from web development and content marketing to graphic design and social media management. They are very attentive to our needs and always quick to respond to emails and phone calls. Most importantly, they get results! I would highly recommend IBH to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and dedicated team to assist with marketing.”

Jonathan Bevis
Cook Portable Warehouses

Since partnering with us, Cook Portable Warehouses has nearly tripled their website-based leads.


The Challenge

Finding the perfect harmony for a brand and their sub-brands can be tricky. To prevent customer confusion, Innovations recommended that Jackson Purchase Medical Associates market themselves with the abbreviation “JPMA” and rebrand themselves and their individual practices. Innovations oversaw that entire rebranding campaign.

The Results

Our finished product gave JPMA a unified brand portfolio and helped position them to better meet their mission. We gave the seven sub-brands their own logos while still tying them to the JPMA brand as a whole. This rebranding also included an updated design for the company’s marketing pieces, photography for their team members and one-minute videos for each member on the JPMA medical staff.


The Challenge

Formerly known as Ballard Telephone Cooperative, BTC had expanded their scope of business when they began serving more than the Ballard County area. To bridge the disconnect between the name and the services they offer, the BTC brand needed a whole new meaning.

The Results

Working from their own acronym (BTC), we sought to redefine what “Ballard Telephone Cooperative” was all about. We landed on the phrase “Bringing Technology Closer,” then revamped the brand from top to bottom. This work included an updated website and new identities for each branch of service. We also created business cards, video, postcards, and truck wraps for the business.