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Did you miss Todd’s Branding Your Business Seminar? Or, need a refresher on his key points? Here is a FREE download of his presentation! We would love to hear your comments or questions!

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How to Choose the Right Marketing Agency
Do you understand what a marketing agency does?  Did you know that there are several types of companies that are all classified under the umbrella phrase “Marketing Agency”?
Before you hire an agency or consultant, you need to understand the distinctions between each type of marketer. Reading up on the facts can save you a lot of stress, and possibly money!

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How to Generate Business Leads – ebook
What percentage of your business comes from leads off your website? The Internet has fundamentally changed the way people find, discover, share, shop and connect. Click the download to start using the Internet to your company’s advantage.

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How to Market Like a Brand
How does your company view marketing? Most companies have unintentionally commoditized themselves. Find out if your marketing is effective by clicking on this download.

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A 2-step Approach to Marketing Success
Regardless of industry, all companies can follow the same 2-step procedure to market themselves effectively. Don’t believe us? Click the download so we can prove it!

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Close More Leads in Less Time
Many times between lead generation and handing those leads off to the sales team, many potential clients fall off the radar. How can you receive a better return on your marketing investment? Is it possible to increase the percentage of leads successfully converted into sales? Download our guide to find out!

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Goal Setting Worksheet
Does your business know where it’s headed? Are you moving toward your goals according to a written plan? If not, download our worksheet to help you set the right goals for your business.

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How to Rule the Swing Set
Swinging is a lot like marketing. The more you practice and push yourself, the higher you’ll go. The higher you go, the more people pay attention to you. Download and let Innovations give you a push to get started!

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How to Hire Us
Learn how to hire Innovations Branding House as your marketing firm. Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch soon!

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Boring Industry Marketing
Being in an industry that might be considered “boring” can often turn out to be a great opportunity. Learn how your company can succeed in creating appealing content to instantly set itself apart from the competition.

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Creating A TV Commercial that Works
Making a commercial is more than having a good camera. To reach your audience effectively and create an original idea for your commercial, take a look at our guide and learn how to effectively collaborate with your creative team!

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How to Manage Your Company’s Social Media
Social media is a (virtually) free advertising platform to drive business to your website or physical location.
Our Social Media Guide will take you through the steps necessary to get the most out of your social media presence!

Website Redesign Checklist
Everyone knows a website doesn’t last forever. Figure out where your website is falling short by taking a look at our Guide on Redesigning a Website.