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Roadtrip KY

Experience the Heart and Soul of Kentucky’s Best Brands


We’re fascinated by brands that are loved by everyone in their customer base. Some brands come and go, some brands are considered a necessity no matter their popularity, but there are some brands that serve as inspiration for generations of customers. Road Trip KY is an exploration of those brands that resonate personally with their customers. Our Road Trip KY video series has had over 48,000 views and over 600 shares on Facebook. Like our page and follow along! This ever-growing documentary could be coming to your town.


Starnes Barbecue means a lot of things to a lot of people in the town of Paducah. Starnes is a truly unique brand, because their business model revolves not around the growth of the business, but the strength of the human connection that makes their brand strong! The value of the Starnes name is not in the quality of a logo or the price of the food. It’s about the stories and the memories in which Starnes Barbecue is ingrained. Do you have a Starnes memory?


Heine Brothers is a continually growing brand in Louisville. Not only are they renowned for the quality of their organic and fair trade coffee, but they are known as a generous member of their community as well. Heine Brothers contribute to helpful programs for local coffee farmers and are involved with Kentuckians for the Commonwealth to help the fight against mountaintop-removal mining.

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