Robyn Shapiro is the Branded Product Specialist at Innovations Branding House.

She specializes in finding the right products for clients to use at tradeshows, community events and as customer gifts.

For more than 12 years, Robyn owned Rene’ Advertising Specialties, an organization started by her mother in the mid 90’s.

“Working with my mother was the most rewarding part of my job at that time,” Robyn says.  When her mother was diagnosed with cancer for the third time she asked Robyn to take over the business. Robyn’s goal was never to own the business, but loved the research process and using her creativity to find the right solution for clients.

“Joining Innovations is going to make it fun again,” Robyn says, explaining that she had gotten bogged down by office paperwork.  She feels like now she has the freedom to be creative again.  “It’s a good fit. The team here is so creative and joining forces has made me super excited about what could be.”

The Rene’s Advertising merger with Innovations Branding House is an important relationship for creative control for all of our clients. She encourages business owners to understand the importance of working with a trusted agency. “Make sure your logo is in trusted hands,” she says, “one that will accurately represent your brand no matter the placement of your logo.”

Innovations continues to be your source for innovative marketing solutions. Robyn, with her branded products specialty, adds to our list of existing expertise in print, video, websites and overall marketing plans.