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A Day at Innovations Branding House + Marketing Agency

A day in the life at Innovations Branding House.

Todd Duff, CEO

“We live in a unique country that allows for creative problem solvers /entrepreneurs to start with very little and make a significant impact on our economy. There is a reason that half of all employees have chosen to work for a small business.”

I love that I get to be with a talented group of creatives that solve problems every day. We have a place where breaking the rules is not only encouraged, but often wins the game of marketing and business growth.”

Bucket List: Perform at the magic castle in Los Angeles, California.

Todd is an inventor, marketer, motivator and magician.  He is also a public speaker at local and national venues on the topics of marketing, business development, public relations and social media. Click Here to Book Todd for a Presentation!

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He has been awarded 11 patents for inventions he shares with Pepsi Cola Mid-America for a beverage dispensing apparatus. Patent numbers: 6766656, 6896159, 6915925, 7004355, 7168592,7419073, 11042239, 7337924, 10879997, 7611031, and 7004355.

He loves opening a new deck of playing cards, smoking cigars and bourbon-sipping with friends.


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Sherri Goins, Director + Innovations Branding House

Successful marketing never stands still and neither does this office! I work with amazing, passionate, talented people who truly care about the success of our clients. Innovations is my second family, and I love that I get to be a part of this team.

Bucket list:
 Write a book, visit Vermont, grow a garden, live by the ocean, and learn to paraglide.

Emily Baker, Designer & Videographer + Innovations Branding House

Emily Baker, Senior Designer

Everyday we’re not just solving our client’s problems, we’re being inspired by them. I’m pushed to think and create differently, and working alongside our creative team makes each of those challenges fun.

Bucket list:
Learn a second language, play with a baby panda, and ride in a hot air balloon.

Austin Madding

Austin Madding, Creative Director

What I do comes down to telling stories and that’s my favorite thing to do. Find the story behind something, give people a reason to think differently about it, and they’ll always remember it.

Bucket list:
  I’m a filmmaker, so I’m always looking for ways to further tie in that storytelling mechanic with the stories of my clients.

Patrick Valiquette, Designer & Print Specialist + Innovations Branding House

Patrick Valiquette, Designer & Print Specialist

Being able to do what I love and make a living doing it, is awesome. I love watching a project come together from an idea to a full fledged living identity for a client’s brand.

Bucket list:
  Travel the world.

Cathy Newton, Video Editor + Innovations Branding House

Cathy Newton, Video Editor

I love my job because of the creative minds I am surrounded by. It’s amazing seeing everyone’s hard work come together to form the finished product for the client. Being a part of a team that is hardworking and creative is a rare find, and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

Bucket list:
  To perform standup comedy in Chicago.

Kayla MacAllister, Content Strategist + Innovations Branding House

Kayla MacAllister, Project Manager 

Lunch breaks are some of the most fun, productive blocks of time on my schedule. I’ve seen a coworker’s joke turn into a successful, three-month long campaign for a client. I’ve found that account management is less about managing, and more about knowing when to step aside to ensure the best ideas have the opportunity to succeed.

Bucket list:
  I would love to see The Phantom of the Opera performed in Her Majesty’s Theatre in London with my grandma.

Aaron King, Designer & Videographer + Innovations Branding House

Aaron King, Designer & Videographer

What I love about my job is the collaborative creative environment. I really enjoy that every day I get to work with really talented individuals who help push my ideas further than I could ever dream.

Bucket list:
  Climb Mount Kilimanjaro with my son Knoll when he is old enough….

Catie Harris, Content Strategist

I love working in a place where creativity and laughter is constant, while my writing helps businesses grow!

Bucket list:
Visit Europe, specifically Austria, eastern side for the music, western side for the Alps! Write something inspiring and worth remembering.

Blake Johnson, Content Strategist

I love finding creative solutions for our clients and the atmosphere in which I am able to do so. Our sense of unity in this positive work environment lays the groundwork for ideas to organically flourish in a way I feel is both special and rare.

Bucket list:
  I’d like to see the Northern Lights from Iceland and eat breakfast in outer space.

Casey Harris, Designer

The career choice I made has never felt like a “job”. I get to be creative and use the skills I’ve honed since I was a child when I started drawing and coloring. Art is an extension of my personality, thus it feels natural to work some place that embraces art and the commercial art culture.

Bucket list:
 To meet William Shatner. I grew up watching him on Star Trek and TJ Hooker. He’s an interesting pop culture icon and I think I would enjoy talking with him.

Zac Garrison, Marketing Research

I love that learning is just as much a part of the culture as doing. Having the freedom to say “I don’t know, but let me learn” and being fully supported in that is really great.

Bucket list:
  I want to own a coffee roasting company. I love fresh coffee beans and coffee culture, so a big dream of mine is to roast my own coffee beans.

Kaylan Thompson, Content Strategist

Writing is all about connection, uncovering the common denominators in stories to find what connects people to people, businesses to customers. I love digging deep to discover the heart of a story and providing a platform for genuine, unique connections. Working alongside a creative, eager team that shares that same vision is inspiring and truly motivating.

Bucket List:
To write and publish a collection of short stories detailing my family’s history, personal experiences and humorous situations – we sure have plenty!


Stacie Zarate, Account Manager

I love the environment I get to work in and being a part of a very creative team where I can learn, express my opinion and have fun.

Bucket List:
To live by the ocean, visit Paris and travel to 10 of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


Tanner Parker, Sales

I love a small business environment and here at Innovations the environment is full of unique and dedicated people who care. It’s not often you find a workplace that feels like home, but that is what we have here.

Bucket list:
See the Northern lights with my family, visit Jerusalem, travel the world with my wife and be the best father I can possibly be.

Robyn Shapiro, Branded Product Specialist

I love having the freedom to be creative with client’s advertising dollars. I like having the time to research and let the creative process work for them.

Bucket list:
  Visit Cuba before it gets too touristy. Visit Italy, specifically Tuscany, and see Lenny Kravitz in concert.

Visit Robyn’s branded products page

Carolyn Bohannon, Bookkeeping + Innovations Branding House

Carolyn Bohanon, Accounting

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