Blue Grass and Brown Water

The Story:

October is Bourbon month and what better way to celebrate than to make one of the best bourbon drinks known to man. The Old Fashioned! Here is my favorite recipe for that drink.

There are 2 things that make a great drink not just a good drink.

The first are the ingredients. We used to believe that you mixed the cheap stuff. After all, you’re just mixing. But that’s backwards thinking when you consider that all of those ingredients make up 100 percent of the experience. A movie director mixes scenes in a film. I don’t think any of us want go out on a date night, only to see 60 percent of a good movie. We want the whole movie to be good.

The second is the attention to detail. As I state in the video, some people sling a bitters bottle and some shake. Both ways the quantity and flavors come out differently. So to be consistent it’s important to be all out anal retentive about the entire process. For a mere $3.45, you can be anal retentive with your bitter dropping– Right here. That’s pretty cheap!




After 7 takes of making and consuming the drink, we decided the first one was the best. (not really mom).

The Take Away:

Lately the reoccurring theme for your marketing has been the importance of planning and strategy. I also realize that everyone has a budget. The point here is to establish a plan for your marketing.