The Magic Guy


The Story:

Most nerds have their systems and magicians are no exception. When I was 6 years old my parents bought me a magic kit for Christmas. Most kids throw their magic kits out when they grow up. Luckily, I have that genetic quirk that allowed me to keep mine through adulthood as I continued to practice and attempt to move toward proficiency.

As my wife, Laura Duff, will tell you, our procedure for leaving the house is atypical. When most couples leave for a night on the town the guy waits around, keys in hand, as the lady gets all dolled up and slathers on a round of foo-foo juice. Not at our house. Laura waits for me as I load my pockets.

When performing, I quickly learned that to prevent a two minute session of what appeared to be self-groping, I needed the ability to quickly find my playing cards, silver dollars, sharpie pen, etc. The only way to do this was to sit down and draw a plan for where everything goes. The beauty of this system is that I can now pay close attention to the psychology of the spectators, watch where eyes glance and enjoy connecting with others.

The Take Away:

Marketing is no different in that it needs to have a plan. Our clients have a much better ROI when they sit with us and nail out a plan for their marketing material. I see many businesses take a grab bag approach to spending their marketing dollar. The down side to this approach leads to a less consistent look and feel of the material, an out of control budget and a loss of the owners’ valuable time.