Finding Ways to Provide Value in Everyday Situations


The Story:

If you know anything at all about Innovations Branding House, you know that we are serious about coffee.  So serious, in fact, that we have our own in house coffee shop.

It is actually the first order of business for anyone starting new here that they go through barista training before addressing any other job responsibilities (Ok, not really, but it might as well be. It’s that important).  Before we get our noses to the grindstone, we fill our noses with the aroma of ground beans.  In fact, I’m sure that we can all agree that the sound of the coffee grinder is tucked away in the white noise sections of our brains just like the tip-tap sounds of keyboard typing and the millions of mouse clicks that occur daily.

Why do we go to so much trouble for one simple cup of coffee?  Well, we believe if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right (as someone grinds a fresh cup as I type). Not to say it’s wrong to dip your scoops from your Folger’s tub into your old drip machine (I don’t know anyone who has an industrial espresso maker in their kitchen), but there is a difference in the quality of your product. A simple taste test by even the most novice of java junkie’s would immediately notice the difference between an “Americano” and your average “Diner Swill.”

Why does any of this matter?  Well the same principles apply to your business. For the same reason we don’t simply offer you hot plates, Styrofoam and swizzle sticks, we don’t offer you cookie cut designs or ideas. We take your order and prepare it fresh. No day-old bread or 24 hour blend, it’s made to order. We wouldn’t feel right about doing it any other way.

The Take Away:

Why does this matter to me, you ask?  Well it comes down to value. There’s a reason that the gas station burner brew is $.75 compared to the $3.55 Venti Café Mocha you order at Starbucks. With the extra time put in to make your drink from fresh ground beans and properly prepared ingredients, you drastically increase the value of your product.

And the results tend to speak for themselves. There’s a reason why the line is always long and the doors are always open.  If your product is a really good quality product, people won’t mind paying the extra price for the better option. It works with cars. It works with clothes and shoes. It works with wine and food. And it most certainly works in web design, logo design, photography, videography and, of course, marketing.