How to Take Better Photos with your iPhone Using HDR

The iPhone 5 is out now. If you’re like me and decided not to stand in line to get yours, there are still some cool things you can do with your iPhone 4. One of my favorite is the HDR option within the camera app.

What it does: It takes 3 pictures. One is over exposed, one under exposed, and another one in between. Then it finds the best detail in all the images and using more computing power than grandpa could have ever imagined, it makes one detailed picture.

To turn HDR on: Open the camera and hit the options button at the top of the screen. Options will open the switch that turns it on. While turned on the camera will save 2 images every time a picture is taken. 1 is with HDR and one is without. It’s pretty easy to run through the camera and delete the one you don’t want. Especially considering that these devices have replaced most point and shoot cameras. These are the photos that we will be looking at years later so I don’t mind choosing which pic came out best.

When to use HDR: When you want to capture detail. The image will be a little flatter, but the detail that overexposure kills will shine through. HDR takes pictures the way our eyes actually see things.

In this photo my cat decided to moon me and laugh about it.

This is a great example for using HDR. We can really zoom in and see her laughing at her own level of disrespect. Happy picture taking!