The Smell of Persistence


The Story:

When it comes to our work, the Innovations team is pretty adamant. We toil and tinker until we get it right.  This extends beyond our daily routines of creation.  It can be seen in our beverage preparation, and it can be seen in our problem solving. Even if that problem solving is finding a rogue, unpleasant smell.

It started some time ago… every once in a while you would enter a room and you would be greeted with a stench that wasn’t dissimilar to that of a decomposing animal. Since the area doesn’t really have any secret spots, it was easy to do a thorough once-over even though we all realized that the smell wasn’t strong enough to physically be in the room. A little time would pass, we’d light a candle and the smell would fade away, forgotten until the next round of stink somewhere down the line.

We would speculate that a rodent got stuck underneath the balcony or stuck in the duct work, then it would fade away and be forgotten again.  Until, one day, the stench was particularly pungent. It was noticeable enough to attract the attention of the whole staff and all visitors.  Obviously, it was embarrassing and uncomfortable and it was decided that we would have to get to the root of the odor once and for all.  And thus began a comically thorough search.

Brittany had been keeping up a regular search since it occurred mostly in her proximity (and yes, she did take an incredible amount of guff for that- Apologies!), but now it had reached a colossal level of stankiness, so, being a natural leader, she spear-headed a full-on search.  She looked again in all of the obvious places before branching out and getting creative.  She climbed into the ceiling and being careful to stick to the planks as to not re-create the infamous Clark Griswold scene from A Christmas Vacation.

But alas, there were no deteriorating rodents, rotten sandwiches, open concept septic tanks*, aging cheeses, dirty diapers, exploded boxes of stink bombs or even the faintest hint of whatever was becoming an office wide obsession.

Brittany had managed to employ the entire team in her plight to solve what can be referred to simply as “the smell” without any further explanation.  It was quite the scene for a while here in the office with everyone exercising their olfactory thresholds in hopes of relieving us once and for all of this sensory torture.  We sniffed the carpets, cabinets and closets.  We whiffed the pots, planters and even plugs.  It seemed to be a phantom scent, as if the ghost of a dead possum was haunting the room.

Running out of places to look, one by one we gave up, retiring to our heavily masked corners of the office.  But that did not stop the office bloodhound, Brittany, from taking the search to the next level, morphing into an almost super-hero state.  She zipped around the room, climbed the ceiling, listened through walls, conducted a séance, and then it happened.  The smell had been found!

[Drumroll] It ended up being something so very peculiar, as expected, but not of the exciting nature.  Little plastic pieces from the light sockets of our lamps were, one by one, slipping off and resting on the bulb, which caused them to slowly melt. Why those little pieces of plastic emanated such an offensive odor is beyond us all, but, as anti-climactic as it is, that was it.

The Take Away:

Here at Innovations we make it a point to keep going until we have results we are satisfied with.  If we’re designing your logo or website, we don’t submit it to you until we are pleased with it.  Same goes for your marketing campaign, video, photography, even your latte or cappuccino.  Sometimes these processes take time, and if you’ve ever wondered why, it’s because we are giving every project everything we have, and then some.