A Small Kentucky Town Comes Together To Grow Business

The Story:

I recently spoke to the Princeton Chamber of Commerce about branding and marketing. In particular, I spoke on affordable and easy things that small businesses can do to grow their business (Book me to speak to find out). Everything went as usual. We met fun people, shared business stories and made new friends.

The Princeton Chamber of Commerce really treated us like rock stars. They gave us a tour of their downtown that ended with an awesome cupcake stop. While on a tour of Main Street, I had to compliment the director, Shea, on the aesthetic appeal of their downtown. Their buildings were painted and shops were open for business. Then she said it: “It was cool, the business owners bought the paint then the community got together and painted the buildings.”

Wait, back up. You explained a 2-step process that put the finishing touches on a downtown. So stunned, all I could reply was “WOW!” At that point I had tons of questions that I didn’t ask.

And here are just a few of them:

  1. What committee decided these actions?
  2. What board put this committee together?
  3. Was there a quorum?
  4. Did you vote on it or just talk about it?
  5. How many people on the board were adamantly against progress?
  6. How many people thought that you should do something way more ridiculous with the resources like build a giant sundial out of aluminum cans instead?
  7. Why didn’t the owners gripe about the colors?
  8. Why didn’t the volunteers gripe about the work?
  9. Didn’t the volunteers know that they were increasing the value of the buildings therefore increasing the net worth of property in which that they didn’t have ownership?
  10. Do we buy the paint from Bob’s Paint Store? If so, won’t Tom’s Paint Store be pissed

Instead they asked questions like:

  1. Can you imagine how good this will look?
  2. When do we start?

Now they’re done.

Congratulations to the City of Princeton, Kentucky for figuring it out. And thanks for the cupcake.