Life at a Marketing Firm/Advertising Agency


The alarm goes off. Shower, get dressed, feed the kids, grab your coffee, and rush out the door with a microwavable breakfast sandwich. As you drive to work all of the things you’d rather be doing cross your mind – waiting in line at Wal-Mart, cleaning your house, or paying bills.

You are miserable and know as soon as you walk in the door you will be watching the clock. Not me, I wake up and want to come to work.

I walked into Innovations not knowing who I would be working with – with a new job comes new personalities, new personalities that you will be surrounded by for at least 40 hours a week.

In the past, there have been drama queens, lazy workers, and horrid bosses, and all the while no appreciation for the work I did. This place was different and to this day cannot wrap my head around how Todd created a place like this.

At Innovations, you will find:


  • Coworkers that get along like family – eating together every day and genuinely wanting to get to know you. People you can laugh with and work with.
  • A boss who gives you all the tools to succeed, including constant motivation and knows when you just need a little pep talk.
  • Random acts of silliness, whether it be someone on rollerblades, your boss riding his motorcycle inside,  playing cornhole on lunch, or learning how to eat a cupcake correctly.
  • A full coffee bar with never ending espresso and 9 baristas to show you the way.
  • A set of people who are so invested in the work that they do and the person they work for, they can have moments of fun, but return to being focused so quickly.
  • Clients that are enjoyable to work with and let you know how much they appreciate the work your company does.
  • Totally acceptable – frequenting social media platforms, asking bad questions, writing on the walls, playing pool, having pancake breakfasts, telling everyone your ideas, and using Facebook to ask the community where to eat on Fridays.

I saw on the news this week a recent report came out concerning people’s happiness in terms of their workplace. It said people would rather do the 3 tasks first mentioned above then go to work (wait in line, clean house, and pay bills).

Another article I found said 2/3 of the people surveyed claimed they were unhappy at work. Is there truth to these reports? Let me ask you –have you ever paid attention to the people driving next to you in the morning? As they sip their coffee or smoke their cigarette people look absolutely miserable.

Life is too short for this. Work is not just a paycheck, it is a place to motivate and promote your growth as a person. Where do you find places like this? At 612 Broadway in Paducah Kentucky.

Unfortunately, my time at Innovations is coming to an end as I move out of the city for my husband’s job.  All I can do is thank them for making me feel like family, for the constant encouragement, the laughs, and for helping me grow as a marketing professional. They are the best.

Are you part of the unhappy 2/3? Get excited about going to work and join the Innovations family. If you or someone you know has experience in marketing and business to business sales, we are currently hiring for an Account Executive. Send your resume now to

This post was written by guest blogger, Kimberly Cyrus.