An iPhone Shortcut that Will Save you Time


How do you capture ideas, great web design, text messages and graphics quickly? If you are holding an iPhone, let me tell you.

There is only one way that you can grab screens of our director telling our CEO to get back to work.

With tons of information coming at you every day, sometimes we need to take a moment and capture it for later viewing. Below is a quick run through of how you can take a screen cap of your phone and have it saved in your photos for later reference.

The only way to communicate how our director keeps me on task is listed below.

Step 1: Hold your iPhone and make sure what you want to capture is currently on the screen.

Step 2: See the button at the top right of your device? Use a finger to hold that button down.

Step 3: While holding down that button, use your other hand to push down on your main home screen button at the bottom middle of your device.

Step 4: Click! A picture has been taken and view it by going to your photos folder.

Now go capture the moment!