Why Should I Update my Company’s Image and Graphic Design?


The life of style does not quite have the longevity it once did. The same holds true for graphic design and your company image.

Technology is mostly to blame, I would assume, since when explaining the days of horse-drawn buggies and bowlers we use an entire century to describe it (the 1800’s). Even as we and technology advanced, it still took an entire decade to describe the style of the time.

It seems as if nowadays, styles and trends change seasonally. Remember the old cell phones from the 80’s? Remember how they very gradually got smaller until they were tiny enough to lose in your pocket?  And look at where we are now. Gradually getting bigger again!

Our touch screens are too small to be fully functional so now we’ve regressed. And in so many directions!  And it would seem that we’ve reached an impasse, where we no longer know which direction to go. The phones are getting bigger again, and the tablets are getting smaller, and now they’re mating (seriously, we now have phablets on the horizon).

It’s often hard to tell if the look of your branding and marketing are out of date. We are so close to our marketing pieces it’s hard to evaluate at what point our own brochures, business cards and web design look outdated.