Why Should my Business Have a Blog?


Have you thought about blogging for your business? You probably already have a website and a Facebook page and may not see the point in business blogging, but did you know that blogging is the basis of relationship marketing?

This is based on three principles: know, like, and trust. Your consumers know you through your website, they like you through your Facebook page, and they trust you through your blog. In fact 81 percent of online consumers trust blogs.

Blogs are where consumers and prospects alike are able to get to know your company. In a sense, you’re in the beginning stages of creating brand loyalty by listening and responding to your readers.Through a blog you’re able to relay information to your consumers and prospects where your website and Facebook page may not be the proper platform to host that information.

You know when you call customer service for help with your product and you’re left on the line listening to elevator music? You find yourself waiting on the phone with enough time to pop a frozen pizza in the oven and eat it before you hear an actual person on the other line.

Not having a blog for your business is just like that. When your business has a website or Facebook page that is active, your consumers begin to recognize you by your online presence and that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a good thing if you’re active and your content is engaging. However, if you’re going to be recognized by your online presence, be sure to be engaging.

For example, the content on your website most likely doesn’t change on a day-to-day basis, so there isn’t a reason that drives consumers to your site. Having a blog that engages the reader hosted on your site increases your online traffic.

With your Facebook page, consumers are able to see your posts, but it’s unlikely that your posts are establishing a relationship. People like to talk to people, which is why it’s annoying to be on hold with customer service for so long. With a blog, you’re able to further explain things and better communicate and establish trust with your consumers. Blogs are consumer-generated content, so you’re able to post information to further reach your targeted and current consumer base.

Still not convinced that you should blog? Let’s look at the numbers by a Business Social Media Benchmarking Study conducted in 2009 by Business.com where companies involved with social media saw an increase:

  • Website traffic increased by 61 percent
  • Engagement with prospects increased 57 percent
  • Brand awareness increased 54 percent
  • Engagement with customers increased 50 percent
  • Revenue increased 42 percent
  • Brand reputation increased 42 percent
  • Prospect lead volume increased 36 percent
  • Prospect lead quality increased 33 percent
  • Useful product feedback increased 23 percent

For all of you visual types, see the chart below. (Way to go Chart-B

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