How To Make An Awesome Facebook Giveaway


“Who wants an iPad when you could have a porcelain squirrel night light?”

That was the original thought behind our new, weekly giveaway. Scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, you’ll see plenty of sweepstakes for discounts, gift cards, and free T-shirts. What you won’t see are giveaways for the real, hot ticket items, like our impeccable thrift store finds (that is, unless you’re following Innovations Branding House).

If you haven’t been properly acquainted, allow me to introduce you to our Fresh Finds Friday…

Every Friday, we post a new, thrift store find on our Facebook page. Viewers have until the following Winner Wednesday to “Like” and “Comment” on that post for a chance to win the item at hand.

“No one is going to want your ridiculous prizes,” you protest. To that, I say two things:


  1. The Innovations team is all about ridiculous (when it adds value), and we think there may be a few more out there like us. We thrive on the particularly outlandish.  It’s the source of much of our creativity and sets us apart from the crowd.  We’re not into drab, cookie-cutter ideas.
  2. We’ll make the people want these prizes!

In fact, the results have been quite impressive thus far.  The winners couldn’t be happier with their items!

Here are some of our Fresh Finds Friday prizes:


With a team like ours, it’s no wonder this giveaway has turned into something much bigger than we expected.

Rather than simply drawing the winner’s name from a hat, we decided to spice up the selection process. It began with Brittany Borden, one of our graphic designers and print specialist, skating around the photo studio and soon turned into an office affair.

Now, everyone is getting involved to make these weekly selection videos the cinematic experience they are!  We’re continually setting the bar for ourselves and attempting to make each week’s video better than the last. Watch the videos below to see our progress!




A new prize is posted every Friday, so keep an eye on our Facebook page!