Our Top 10 Favorite Unconventional Business Cards


In a recent blog post entitled 7 Key Elements of Great Business Card Design, we discussed some helpful tips for creating an effective business card. We also mentioned that people who work in creative fields often have more freedom to experiment with their card designs.

Consequently, we thought it might be fun to share some of our favorite unconventional business cards. The following designs all have one thing in common: they provide immediate value to their recipients.

The most challenging part of creating an effective business card is making the consumer want to hold onto it. Anyone can write basic contact information on a few pieces of paper and give them away. However, there’s a good chance that the recipients will either lose the cards or throw them in the trash. If you can find a way to provide value to the consumer through your business card, you’ll be set!

The business cards above are perfect for hair and makeup artists or hair product suppliers!  Not only do these cards clearly represent the profession/industry at hand, but they also give value to the consumer by supplying him/her with free bobby pins and a comb.

We love the play on words with this business card – not to mention the free matches that come with it!

This is, without a doubt, one of our favorites.  Aside from the fact that it just looks awesome, this card doubles as a functional tool!

The same applies for this design.  Who hasn’t needed a bottle opener at some point?  This card could easily make you the coolest person at a party!

The design above would make a great business card for a dentist.  I would definitely keep this card in my wallet for after eating.

Much like a bottle opener, nearly everyone has needed a USB flash drive at one time or another.  Having your brand name on this item would guarantee repeat exposure to potential consumers.

We believe that everyone is still a kid at heart. The buildable car above provides value to its recipients by appealing to that inner child and offering an escape from their busy lives.

It can be so refreshing to stop whatever we’re doing and construct something by hand. Afterward, cardholders will have something to proudly display on their desks. From that point forward, anytime they look at the car, they’ll remember your brand.

Much like the last business card, these two would make great desk ornaments simply because of how interesting they are. Consumers having that sort of repeat exposure results in greater brand recognition.

As intriguing as they are, it’s important to note that unconventional business cards aren’t best for everyone and every brand. Some industries are more suited for sleek and subtle card designs.