Todd Duff’s Radio Interview – Part 1: About Todd

Our company’s owner and CEO, Todd Duff, was recently interviewed on Bristol Broadcasting’s LifeTalk 1450 AM out of Paducah, Kentucky. If you happened to miss this event, don’t fear. We’ll be bringing you coverage of his interview throughout separate blog installments.

#1 – About Todd

In the first portion of the radio show, Todd introduced himself, describing his background and entrepreneurial beginnings.

Todd understood the concept of capitalism even at a young age. He had the typical childhood lemonade stand, but his story goes even further. Growing up near a railroad track, Todd soon learned the effects of placing pennies on the tracks.

Each afternoon, he’d put new pennies on the railroad tracks and collect their flattened remains the following morning. When he arrived at school, he would turn a quick profit by selling the coins to classmates for 25 cents each. Teachers soon caught on to his scheme, and Todd was forced to shut down the business.  That wouldn’t dampen his spirits, though.

Acquiring both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Murray State University, Todd would later go on to teach for six years at his alma mater.  The initial concept for Innovations Branding House began approximately 14 years ago. After getting married, Todd spent his first summer going door-to-door to various businesses in Murray.

He explained to them why they needed a website. One man finally gave in and offered Todd his first website gig. There was just one problem. Todd didn’t know the first thing about constructing a website. He sought out the advice of a faculty member from Murray State’s graphic design department.

Using a computer that he and his dad built from scratch, Todd started designing websites in the back room of his apartment. Over time, he gained more experience and began to assemble a skilled team of employees. Today, Innovations Branding House helps a variety of clients by growing their businesses.

“As we go, we find clients that have more needs related to growing their business.  If it’s a need that doesn’t relate to growing their business, we kind of stay out of it.”

You can hear the full audio version of this interview segment below.

Above is Patrick White of White Financial Group and Life Talk’s audio technician during the interview with Todd Duff.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to everyone at Life Talk 1450 AM for having Todd on the show!