Why Should my Marketing Efforts be Different from those of Competitors?


Oftentimes, clients come in and say, “Here is what my competitors are doing. We think we should be doing it, too.”

We like to call that the “Me, too!” Syndrome. Just because other brands use a certain marketing tactic doesn’t mean you need to take their ideas. If anything, it means the complete opposite.

When everyone’s doing the same thing, there’s nothing to distinguish one company from another. No one wants to be considered average. Having a successful business requires standing out among the crowd.  You’ve got to give consumers a reason to choose your brand over someone else’s.

By using the same methods as someone else, your company becomes the marketing equivalent of an off-brand or a stunt double. People always remember the original. Anything that comes afterward is just viewed as an imitation.

Women don’t have crushes on Brad Pitt’s stunt double; they only care about the real thing!

“Kleenex” is often used in place of the word “tissue,” regardless of the brand at hand. Likewise, many people classify all lip balms as “ChapStick”. In certain parts of the country, “Coke” is considered synonymous with “soda”.

These brands didn’t reach their level of recognition by following the crowd and playing it safe. They were innovators, continually striving to make a name for themselves and to be unique.

Similarly, if your company desires to be at the forefront of consumers’ minds, it must carve out its own path and set its own standards. Maybe one day, other brands will be imitating your methods.