Todd Duff’s Radio Interview – Part 2: Marketing Basics

Our company’s owner and CEO, Todd Duff, was recently interviewed on Bristol Broadcasting’s LifeTalk 1450 AM out of Paducah, Kentucky. If you happened to miss this event, don’t fear. We’ll be bringing you coverage of his interview throughout separate blog installments.

#2 – Marketing Basics

In the second portion of the radio show, Todd discusses some helpful marketing tips for businesses to consider.  Below are a few key items from the interview.

There are some basic marketing fundamentals that apply to every business regardless of its size. For instance, there’s a growing desire by consumers for companies to be transparent and real.

A misconception is that Facebook is for younger people; social media actually reaches a wide demographic. Todd explains, “My mom posts 3x what I post on Facebook!”

Todd goes on to share a marketing idea for businesses with relatively small budgets. He recommends that these companies create an attractive greeting card or thank you card. They should, then, send one out multiple times per week to people with whom they’ve recently had contact.  “That’s a great way to just draw business in and build relationships. Those cards can really stand out against all of the digital world that we have.”

Another tip involves consistency. This means having only one logo and giving your marketing materials a cohesive look and feel.

Finally, Todd reveals three of the most important questions that brands should answer before developing a marketing plan.

  1. Who are we?
  2. What do we provide?
  3. Why are we doing this?

The “why” is the most important element and can be the answer to a lot of your marketing issues.

You can hear the full audio version of this interview segment below.


We’d like to extend a special thank you to everyone at Life Talk 1450 AM for having Todd on the show!