Todd Duff’s Radio Interview – Part 3: The Importance of Knowing your Consumer


Our company’s owner and CEO, Todd Duff, was recently interviewed on Bristol Broadcasting’s LifeTalk 1450 AM out of Paducah, Kentucky. If you happened to miss this event, don’t fear. We’ll be bringing you coverage of his interview throughout separate blog installments.

#3 – The Importance of Knowing Your Consumer

In the third portion of the radio show, Todd talks about the importance of understanding your customers and appealing to them. Below are a few key items from the interview.

If your business has recently gotten a bad reputation, new marketing may not be the solution. Don’t get a new logo or completely redesign your branding.  Instead, start looking inward to your company culture.  Make sure the people that you’ve employed actually want to be there. If these people enjoy what they’re doing, it’ll show to customers on the outside and make for a more positive brand image.

The marketing industry changes quickly, especially with continued advancement of technology. One thing that’s become increasingly apparent is the need for great content. Rather than screaming your generic message out to the public and interrupting people, find a way to provide more personalized value. Give the audience something that helps them while positioning your company as an expert within the industry.

Social media is a wonderful tool for all brands, but it can be especially helpful to small businesses that are struggling with their marketing presence. One thing that makes this tool so special is the two-way conversation it creates. You’re able to actually listen to consumer thoughts and respond in real time. It may take some effort on your part, but customers will definitely share their opinions and ideas. “When people know you’re listening, they’ll respond.”

Todd continues by saying that in regards to social media reach, it’s important “to have the right people looking instead of a lot of people looking”.

Learn what type of content to post by learning more about your consumers. For instance, choose five of your best customers and ask to interview them individually. Maybe even take them out to lunch. Ask each of those five people some basic lifestyle questions.

How do they typically spend the day? What are some of their pain points or daily issues? What is their first source for information?  What do they value most? From there, create some basic buyer personas that tell you more about the target audience you’re trying to reach.

You can hear the full audio version of this interview segment below.


Above is Patrick White of White Financial Group and Life Talk’s audio technician during the interview with Todd Duff.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to everyone at Life Talk 1450 AM for having Todd on the show!