5 Essential Marketing Lessons Black Friday Teaches Us


A valuable lesson is present in almost every situation – even in the frenzied rush of holiday shopping. In fact, we’ve found 5 Black Friday takeaways that can be used to enhance your marketing tactics year-round!

  1. Communication is Key

Whether you’re sharing new inventory items on Facebook, texting special redemption codes to insiders, or emailing about store wide deals, businesses must communicate. (Consumers are swarmed with hundreds of marketing messages on a normal day, but Black Friday is another creature entirely).

If your business isn’t consistently communicating with consumers, the brand will get lost in all of the commotion and left behind. It’s the “out of sight, out of mind” principle.

  1. Deals Demand Attention

Buy one, get one free! Save 20% storewide! Purchase a can opener, and get $2 off a spatula. It really doesn’t matter what the deal is, as long as people believe they’re getting a bargain.

Many people are going to see the cookware special and think, “Well, I really could use another can opener. I might as well buy one now and get a spatula, too.” It’s incredible how unnecessary items suddenly become attractive when attached to a deal of some sort.

  1. Urgency Inspires Action

Shop before 10 am to receive 50% off storewide! The time constraint is half the appeal of Black Friday shopping. It’s the reason people drive out of their way to retail stores after just having eaten a huge Thanksgiving dinner. They arrive only to wait in the cold for hours, sleep-deprived and surrounded by aggressive bargain hunters. Now, that’s dedication!

  1. Consumers Make Comparisons

Because most companies realize the importance of communication, they’ll often post Black Friday specials on their websites ahead of time. This leads consumers to flip back and forth between sites in search of the best deal. Even when we’re saving money, we still want to make sure we’re saving the most money.

  1. Insiders Like to Feel Special

Take an additional 15% off when you use your VIP Insider card! Whether it’s special savings, promotional freebies, or early access to shopping locations on sales days, insiders want to feel privileged.

They want to be set apart from the average consumer. Otherwise, what’s the point of being an insider? Chances are, these people are some of your most valuable customers. Keep them happy by reminding them that they’re special.