How to Create and Maintain an Effective Sales Funnel

The diagram above shows how Innovations’ various branding tools work together for the betterment of your business.  Increased visibility, stronger brand recognition, and a higher ROI are just a few of the benefits received!

There are 5 consumer stages to a sales funnel: strangers, visitors, leads/prospects, clients, and advocates. Converting a stranger into an advocate requires a concentrated effort on your part as a company.

At each stage in the process, certain actions should be taken to help move consumers along the funnel.

  1. Strangers

Begin by establishing an identity for your business. This should be done with the use of cohesive branding tools. Build your identity further by creating valuable content that promotes you as an authority in the industry.

  1. Visitors

Now, it’s time to publish and promote your content. Take time to surf the Internet, finding related blogs and social media posts on which to comment. Potential clients are probably reading these posts, so it’s a great way to grab their attention and bring them back to your site.

Additionally, allow social sharing of your content. The easier you make it to share your information, the more likely people are to do so. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth.

  1. Leads/Prospects

Learn more about your prospects and consistently publish content that’s in line with their search topics.  You’re working to build interest, which will hopefully result in a sale. Be devoted to these leads by catering content to fit their needs.

  1. Clients

Now that you have the consumer as an actual client, your goal is to drive repeat sales. Do this by capitalizing on your marketing and developing further relevance in the client’s mind.

  1. Advocates

To create a brand advocate, go the extra mile with clients by providing outstanding care and attention to their needs. Focus on helping them achieve relevant goals in their lives. Over-communication and personal support are of key importance at this point. Your aim is to build a relationship that the client believes he/she can’t live without.

You’re almost finished with your Innovations education on the power of sales funnels!  Last week, we discussed “The Top 5 Sales Funnel Mistakes”.  Our next post may be the most important of all.  Stay tuned to find out how to actually fill that sales funnel and bring in valuable customers!