Accomplish the Two Main Goals of Any Law Firm with this Website Advice


When we initially sit down with potential clients, the first step always involves determining the firm’s goals.  Attorneys are no different. If we don’t know where you want to be, how can we possibly create a path to get you there?

After working with several attorneys in the region, we’ve realized that law firms typically have one of two main goals. They either want to attract more business or maintain their current position in the industry.  Whatever the case, our team has the tools to help you reach those goals.

Nearly everyone is online today. Your first step should be to create an online presence that exemplifies your firm’s values and services. Whether your aim is to attract more clients or simply provide a resource for current clients, having a website will help you.

Attracting More Clients

It’s not just about attracting viewers; it’s about attracting the right viewers. You want qualified prospects – people who have a need for your services and the means to acquire those services. This is where the design and content of your site come into play.

An effective website design will accurately portray your firm’s image while also appealing to the type of clients you want. The valuable content placed within your site will be directed toward this target audience as well. Together, these two elements work to keep viewers coming back for more and eventually becoming clients.

Providing a Helpful Resource

Tired of hearing the same questions over and over from consumers? Maybe you have a receptionist, but maybe not. You’re too busy to be answering the phone every 10 minutes, only to explain which services your firm provides. Chances are that many of the calls you receive aren’t even from qualified prospects.  What a waste of time and energy!

Imagine how easy it would be to direct these curious consumers to a website. Once arriving at your site, they’ll be able to find all of the information they need.  Furthermore, they’ll develop a better understanding of your firm based on the personality presented through the site. This will start to weed out any unqualified prospects.

Allow us to Paint a Picture

Billy Ray Stevens is looking for a 1-800-GET-ME-OUT-OF-JAIL criminal defense lawyer. (Granted, we know that phone number has too many digits.) Billy unwittingly stumbles across your site. Not only do you not specialize in criminal defense, but your firm isn’t the “1-800-” type. The consumer sees this and moves along to other alternatives. Voilà!  You’ve just saved yourself a frustrating phone call with Mr. Stevens.

A professionally developed website is an asset for any business, including law firms.