The Top 5 Marketing Issues that Law Firms Must Face

Marketing a law firm is not the easiest task.  You may draw in some business based on previous client references and connections you already have.  Beyond that, though, it gets a little tricky.  You’re bound to run into some, if not all, of these 5 problems along the way:

  •          Competition

The sheer volume of law firms out there is enough to make this task seem hopeless.  How will you possibly differentiate your firm from all the others?  Yes, you could market your business based on specific services provided or which types of law you practice, but it wouldn’t be enough.  There’s got to be one thing that makes your firm stand out among the rest, and it’s our job to find it.

  •          Poor Advertising

Drive down the street, turn on the television, sit on a park bench – you’re bound to find several examples of terrible attorney advertisements.  You may be asking, “Well, how else are we supposed to market ourselves?”  When this is the only type of advertisement you see, it’s easy to fall into the same trap.  Imitation is not the best answer; there are other ways to make a name for your brand.  Inbound marketing, for instance, could be the best choice.

  •          Stereotypes

Considering the amount of competing firms and their historically tragic advertising attempts, it’s no wonder why some lawyer stereotypes exist.  This just means you have to work even harder to make a reputable name for your brand.

  •          Time

You’ve spent several years gaining an education to practice law.  Now, you must also know how to effectively market yourself?  That’s way too much work for one person.  There simply aren’t enough hours in the day.  Entrusting a marketing firm with this task will eliminate extra stress from your life and be beneficial for your business overall.

  •          Legal Constraints

As you might expect, advertising for law firms involves various legal constraints.  If you do opt to hire out your marketing, it’s important to select an agency that understands these restrictions.  Partnering with a marketing firm that has had prior experience with attorneys is ideal.


We hope this article has helped generate some ideas for your firm’s marketing plan.