5 Tips for Attorneys: How to Obtain the Perfect Client

After years of schooling and experience in the field, you’ve come to the conclusion that you’re not happy with how things have turned out. This isn’t what you imagined yourself doing as a lawyer. Here you are, working on awful cases and representing clients that you simply detest.

It’s never too late to turn it all around. That’s why we’ve put together these 5 helpful tips for obtaining the perfect client!

  1. In order to acquire the perfect client, you must first know who that person is. Develop a clearer picture of this person by asking yourself questions like:
    • What are his/her legal needs?
    • What is his/her budget for legal services?
    • What are his/her values? Is he/she family-oriented, business-minded, etc?
  1. Now, ask yourself how you can help this person with his/her pain points.
    • How do your skills, your law firm, and your practice complement the client’s goals?
    • Why should this person choose your firm over any other?
  1. Share this vision with those inside your law firm. This goes for everyone on the team, not just attorneys. Even your firm’s receptionist should be on the same page. If you aren’t able to thoroughly communication this picture with those around you, you’ll all be aiming at different targets. Collaborate and come to a consensus about which clients you’ll pursue. Others on your team may even be able to add to your ideal client persona, offering perspectives you hadn’t yet considered.
  1. Be firm in your beliefs. Don’t just settle for anybody that comes knocking on your door.  It’s easy to do this out of fear that no one else will come along.  They will. The mistake here would be to accept every opportunity that comes your way. Chances are, that’s how you got to loathing your job in the first place.  You have an understanding of whom you want to represent, so stick with it.
  1. Create a branding effort that attracts those ideal clients. Yes, you can certainly have those perfect clients you’ve been wanting. Let’s be realistic, though.  These people aren’t just going to all show up at your doorstep one day. That’s wishful thinking.You’ve got to go out and make this happen for yourself.Luckily, help is available by having the right marketing team equipped with the right branding tools on your side. For instance, below is a comprehensive breakdown of the branding tools provided by Innovations Branding House.

Your perfect clients are out there waiting! We hope this article helps you get that much closer to reaching them.

A new or redesigned website is a great place to begin improving your firm’s branding efforts.