Understanding How People Search Online: 3 Key Tips to Improving your Business’s SEO

In order to create truly great online content, it should not only be valuable to consumers but also appeal to search engines. In the past, we’ve discussed the significance of having an effective SEO strategy.  Continuing with this thought, it’s critical to understand how consumers search online.

When writing content, you must always be two steps ahead of your target audience. By understanding how these people think, you’ll be able to cater your online presence to meet their needs. The following should give you a general idea of how Internet users search for information.


  • Phrases, Not Words

Over time, people have learned that it’s hopeless to type just one word within a search engine. There’s a vast number of search results out there. The odds of getting the result you’re looking for by using only one word are very low. In fact, using one single word in your search query will typically result in links to a definition or Wikipedia page.

Therefore, it’s helpful to search in terms of phrases. Adding specific, descriptive words will increase your likelihood of finding the desired result. Let’s imagine I’m looking to buy a new car.  Why type “car” when I could go a little further and enter “2010 Mazda RX-8 reviews”?  Based on the reviews, I decide that I like the car and want to take it out for a test drive.  Now, I’ll search “Mazda dealership Paducah, Kentucky”.  Just by adding a few words, my ideal link now shows up in the first couple of search results.

What does that mean for your business? This can affect your SEO strategy in a few ways, but the most influential of those may be the way you label each page of a website (i.e. SEO title, focus keyword, and meta description).

Here, I searched for “inbound marketing Paducah, Kentucky.”


  • Key Phrases

People often begin their searches with phrases like “How to,” “Steps to,” “Tips for,” and “Advice on.” This is something that’s especially important to keep in mind when writing blog posts. If you’re having trouble coming up with a good title, it may be best to begin with these phrases.

  • Questions

When we, as humans, don’t know something, we automatically begin to pose questions. It’s in our nature.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that popular search topics often come in the form of a question. This, too, is particularly helpful in writing blog posts. Finding the perfect blog title may be as simple as typing out the main question answered in your post.

Because so many consumers use the Internet on a daily basis, it’s crucial that your business have a strong online presence. In order to be found online, you’ll want to focus on finding ways to improve your search engine optimization. The first step is to create content that is valuable, relevant, and easily searchable.