How Do I Get my Website Noticed? 5 Helpful Tips for Marketing your Company’s Website

You’ve developed a truly awesome website, complete with valuable content, visually appealing design, and all the SEO tricks in the book. Somehow, you still think the number of qualified prospects visiting the site should be higher. What can you do?

The first step should be to check out these two blogs posts:

If you’ve marked off every item in those lists, there are a few more helpful actions you can take:


  • Display your domain name on everything you do. Every traditional marketing piece you put out should have the domain listed somewhere. This includes flyers, brochures, signage, postcards, TV commercials, radio advertisements, etc. The same goes for anything that leaves your desk – business cards, letterhead, email signatures, and so on. Don’t forget about inbound marketing areas! Each of your social media pages should prominently feature your website’s domain, preferably with a direct link to that web address.
  • Interact in relevant online communities. Find outside articles, blog posts, and forums that are related to your business.  Then, start commenting in these places.Be sure to add your name, position, company name, and web address somewhere in the comment.
  • Create content for other related blogs. Expand your audience by reaching out to some well-known blogs within your niche.  There have to be blogs out there that receive more traffic than yours.Use their readership to your advantage.  Writing guest blog posts for these places is a great way to generate additional traffic. Remember to include a short blurb about yourself at the end of each blog post written for outside sources. This blurb should include your name, position, company name, web address, etc.
  • Hold competitions that require contestants to visit your website.  For an example of this, check out what Innovations Branding House did for the launch of our new website!
  • Send out email newsletters. In these newsletters, you should find ways to link back to your website.  If the content in these emails is well written and intriguing, readers will gladly click on the links.

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