Which Social Media Networks Should my Business be Using?

Not all forms of social media are right for all businesses. (We’d be lying if we told you they were).  How can you determine which networks will work best for your company?  Well, there are a few factors you’ll want to consider. This will involve an analysis of your own unique brand.


  • Audience

Who is your main target audience? This is the first thing you need to consider. Your answer may reveal that you don’t really need social media at all.  If your target is young adults, ages 23-35, then we’d probably tell you to go for it.If, however, you’re targeting senior citizens, ages 60-72, we’d ask that you reevaluate your marketing plan. In this case, your efforts could be better spent elsewhere.

  • Industry

It’s important to choose the right social network for your particular industry.  For instance, people may be more likely to follow a company on Instagram than on Pinterest. To learn a little more about the top 7 social networks, check out this post!

  • Region

Facebook is more popular than Twitter in certain regions (and vice versa). Therefore, the area in which you do business is a significant factor to consider as well.

With these three considerations in mind, your business should be better able to develop the right social media strategy.