10 Easy Ways to Increase Viewer Engagement on Facebook – Part 1

You’ve heard a lot about the importance of social media in today’s world. You know that it can help your SEO while improving your position in the minds of consumers. The question is “How can I increase viewer engagement with my brand on Facebook?” Posting the right content at the right time is crucial.

Here is what we mean…

  • Know your Audience

The first step is to know your audience. By now, you hopefully have a clear understanding of whom it is you’re targeting and what interests them.

  • Be Transparent

You could simply post industry-related articles day after day, but where is the transparency in that?  People want to connect with other people, not with some boring corporation. Just like any business, your company has a culture and tone all of its own. Find ways to portray these elements through your Facebook posts.

Type status updates in the tone of your company, a tone to which your target audience can relate. You’re not a computer, so your messages shouldn’t sound computer-generated. Posting behind-the-scenes photos of your office, employees, and recent events will also help to show the human side of your brand.  Don’t be afraid to let viewers inside your world. That’s how valuable connections are formed.

  • Ask Questions

If you want your audience to engage with you, post content that invites them to do so. Asking questions in your posts is a great way to elicit a response. Check out the difference between these two potential posts:

o   “We love going to the beach.”

o   “What’s your favorite part of summer?”

  • Use Visuals

Images are much better at capturing attention than text alone. Post captivating images that draw in the viewer’s eye. Then, surround those images with valuable, compelling content that reflects your brand and leaves an impression on the reader.

  • Be Funny

Humor will win people over every time. If you can make viewers smile after a long, tiring day, you’ve gained their attention and their interest. Best of all, those people are likely to share your humorous content with friends and family, thereby increasing your reach.

Check out the second half of this series! Then, get started on improving your social media presence.