10 Easy Ways to Increase Viewer Engagement on Facebook – Part 2

There’s no secret formula for why one brand has this many interactions and another has that many.  However, we can tell you that the content you post will often influence your engagement rates. As we said in the first half of this series, it’s all about posting the right content at the right time.


  • Employ Contests and Giveaways

When people have a chance at winning something, you’ve already piqued their interest.  Who wouldn’t want free stuff?  Just be sure to set clear goals for your marketing tactics.  Then, build a contest or giveaway around those goals.  It’s important to keep Facebook’s page guidelines in mind while doing so.

  • Be Responsive

If a viewer does engage with you, be sure to respond when it’s appropriate. This is a matter of customer service. You wouldn’t ignore consumers in person or on the phone, so don’t ignore them online either.  There’s also the added factor of publicity. Being courteous to those who comment online will earn you goodwill with those who see these interactions.

  • Stay Current

Post about current topics to stay relevant. Did something big recently happen in the news?  Are there any significant holidays coming up soon? Has the weather been unusual? Find ways to tie these events to your company’s Facebook posts, but only if it’s not too far of a stretch. Forced connections don’t make for good posts.

  • Monitor Frequency

Posting too often can become annoying, causing people to unfollow your page. Posting too little will keep you off of their radars entirely. It’s crucial that you find a good balance. Many experts recommend posting to Facebook at least 3 times per week. Some companies may even find benefit in posting 1-2 times per day.

  • Post at Optimal Times

It should come as no surprise that certain times are better for Facebook posts than others. What are the best times for your company to be publishing posts? The answer lies with your target demographic. When are these people most likely to be online and, specifically, on Facebook?

Those who work 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. office jobs may be more likely to see your posts around lunchtime and near the end of the business day. Likewise, some days of the week are better for posting social media content than others. A little research into your target audience should be able to give you these insights.

We hope this series has helped answer your questions about Facebook viewer engagement!