How to Market in a Boring Industry

There’s no such thing as a boring industry, only boring marketers. As with anything in life, your perspective changes everything.

If you’re not happy with the way your company is viewed, hire a marketing team. If you’re not happy with the results of your marketing team, hire a better one.

Nothing is ever set in stone. Your industry doesn’t have to be seen as “boring” forever. Be the company that breaks the mold and encourages your audience to see things differently.

For example, what could be more boring than a company that’s trying to sell you insurance? Now, think about Geico, Allstate, and Progressive.  These brands managed to do just that in a surprisingly entertaining way!  The same possibilities exist for your business, too.

There are 3 main steps involved in taking your company from “blah” to interesting:


  1. Understanding Your Audience

If your current marketing plan isn’t being received well, it could be that your target audience is too broad, or maybe it’s just the wrong group entirely. You wouldn’t try to sell fishing equipment to a bunch of elderly women, would you?  In the same way, all companies should have a clearly defined target audience.  It is, then, crucial that you take the time to really understand this group. How do they think?  Where do they shop?  What kind of life do they lead?

  1. Development

With your audience in mind, it’s time to begin developing your marketing pieces. Regardless of which components you’re creating, effective design and content are essential. Your viewers will, first, pick up on the way something looks and feels. At that point, they’ll make an immediate decision to either learn more or disregard the message entirely. The next step is content.  Write copy that excites your readers and makes them see you as an authority on the subject.

  1. Implementation

Once your marketing pieces are prepared, you’re ready to put them out into the world. Based on how well you know your target market, you should have a pretty good idea of the best places to reach those people.  Be sure to focus on promotion. There’s no sense in spending time creating awesome work if you’re not going to show it off.