6 SEO Experts That Will Optimize Your Twitter Feed

Okay, so you’re tuned in and turned on to the idea of inbound marketing. You must be, or you wouldn’t be here reading this. We’re glad to have you. Whether you’re new to the world of marketing, or a seasoned vet, you should know the importance of staying up-to-date in your industry.

Here at the heart of Innovations HQ, most of our time is spent here—keyboard, mouse, and a seemingly bottomless cup of coffee (it gets deeper by the hour). Being SEO experts comes with the territory, and being experts means knowing not only what to look for, but whom to look at sometimes. Today, we’ll show you 6 industry mavens we look to whenever we need a little guidance.

1) Dharmesh Shah

It should come as no surprise. As Hubspot partners, we believe in the work he and the Hubspot team are doing. As the founder of Hubspot, Dharmesh Shah is one of, if not the market leader of inbound marketing.





Follow him and watch your Twitter feed light up with knowledge and, every now and then, a joke or two.



Harsh, Dharmesh.

2) Rand Fishkin

As the founder of Moz, one of the top-rated optimization tools on the market today, to say Rand is an SEO expert would be an understatement. And to rock a mustache like that, you’d have to be an expert.



Having made the hand-off to his new CEO Sarah Bird, Rand remains as an individual contributor at Moz helping to focus their marketing and product internally and externally.

3) Jordan Kasteler 

Jordan is the senior SEO manager for Red Door Interactive, a full-service marketing agency with offices in San Diego, Carlsbad and Denver.

Following him on Twitter is going to net you the kind of information that only someone who is knee deep in the trenches can get you; tweets that are informative and get down to business, like this one:


Looking to him for guidance will net you a lot of versatile and useful information. What are you waiting for?

4) Bruce Clay

Bruce has been working on SEO and website development for almost as long as the internet, as we know it, has been around. Since 1996, he has spearheaded the work of search engine optimization. His website is the type of no-bones-about-it mentality you’d expect from an industry veteran, and his twitter feed is no exception.

As you can see, he and his company show no signs of slowing in 2015. Bruce is truly a market maven in the category of website development and marketing strategy.

5) Lisa Barone

Rounding out our list, Lisa serves as the vice president of strategy at a company called Overit in Albany, New York. A self-proclaimed “weird girl”, her tweets echo the sentiment that she is a fighter for brand voices, and the work she’s doing.

And as someone working head-on in the industry, her retweets are populated with great articles and advice from like-minded insiders.

Oh, and of course:

6) Seth Godin

And to anyone who knows our CEO Todd Duff, it should come as no surprise that this list wouldn’t be complete without Seth.


While his tweets are little more than retweets to his blog entries, he comes by it honest. And the information he imparts, in small blurbs and eloquent blog entries, is equal parts inspiring and thought-provoking.

Having authored several books that are the keystone to several marketing concepts, Seth embodies the idea that an idea is more than the sum of its parts—that the lifeblood of a concept is found in its execution. Following him on Twitter will net you much more than just marketing advice.

We hope you have found a couple new sources of inspiration the next time you’re feeling like you’re in a rut.

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