6 Browser Extensions for Boosting Productivity

Usually, the first thing a visitor says about our office is something along the lines of, “Look at all these toys!” And it’s true, our space is adorned with a skee-ball machine, pinball, an amazing coffee bar, and a few old school arcade cabinets. While that definitely sounds great, and it is, we cherish and pride ourselves on being productive moreso than our high score in Donkey Kong.

We take the phrase, “work smarter, not harder” very much to heart, and are always looking to crack the code on being more productive. So, today we decided to pass along 6 of our favorite browser extensions for boosting productivity so you can get in and do work like the pros!

Now, it is important to note that these are extensions for Google Chrome. Most of them are available for Firefox as well, not all of them exist in Mozilla’s ecosystem so you may end up doing a little searching. And if you’re reading this on Internet Explorer… well, consider this your wake up call.

Extensions for boosting productivity


6) Adblock

It may seem heretical to see this extension in our list. But, when the nose meets the grind and your day is spent largely in front of a computer, the last thing you need to see is what Amazon can glean from your recent browser history.

5) Prioritab

At first glance, prioritab may appear to be just another to-do list extension, but what makes it special is how it takes over your “new tab” page and organizes your information.

By sorting time into three columns, today, this week, and this month, it can act as a funnel for all the items on your to-do list which you can add below them. It will also show you how much of the day, month, and year have passed which can be a big motivator.

4) Pushbullet

A personal favorite, Pushbullet also exists as an app on your phone that allows you to share links, files, or images as easily as you send a text. That means no more clogging up your own inbox, or fumbling for a cord to connect to your computer.

If that wasn’t enough, the functionality works both ways on a Mac, allowing you to receive and answer text messages within your browser window, and supports cross-platform copy and pasting. This one, to us, is a must-have. Oh, and it’s absolutely free.

3) Ginger

Ginger is more than your traditional spellchecker. It can highlight discrepancies and odd phrases for you in a more thorough fashion than Word or Google Docs can. It also offers translations, rephrasing, and synonym options on on-the-fly.

Even for those who don’t write for a living, this can be a valuable tool for sending e-mails where a traditional spellchecker may slip up, or not exist at all.

2) Overtask

Overtask is designed for those of us prone to opening a large number of tabs and working through them as we go. Instead of a chaotic mess of tabs that are almost impossible to sift through, Overtask will let you group similar tabs together to help you stay on target. Tasks and tabs are also shareable, helping to turn your browser window into a multi-faceted research hub!

1) Todoist

Todoist and Overtask have a lot in common, however Todoist is also available for Firefox. It’s all about qualifying certain web pages and tasks into one to-do list creating an action plan, of sorts.

With a high level of integration built-in to various platforms like mobile, and e-mail, you’ll be hard pressed to find yourself out of the loop in anything you’re working on. There are some features deemed as “premium”, but for the most part the free version is fully functional.

With these extensions, we’re sure there will be no task you can’t handle.