Google Introduces Major Change to Mobile Searches


Google is changing. But there is no reason to panic, the Google search algorithm has changed in the past and will continue to evolve. The newest change deals with the level of mobile search friendliness for website pages.

If you haven’t heard of what this change means for your business’ website, stay calm and don’t stress! Innovations has you covered as we explain exactly what is different and what you need to do.


What it means

Google recently issued a new policy about search engine results on mobile devices. This change emphasizes mobile friendliness for search engine optimization (SEO) and makes mobile optimization an essential element for every website.

What this means is all website pages are now required to meet Google’s new specifications for a mobile friendly website. If a website doesn’t meet these guidelines, it will be penalized in search engine results and moved below websites that are Google mobile compliant.

This change currently only affects rankings on mobile searches and doesn’t apply to searches done from desktops or tablets. But remember Google could alter this at any time, so it’s best to be prepared and handle the situation ASAP.

How to know

For more about Google’s new mobile friendly policy, read this article. And for answers to all your questions about the change, visit this Google Blog with FAQs!

Then, test your website by visiting the Google Developers’ mobile-friendly test page. Enter your website’s URL and Google will provide an analysis of its mobile friendliness. If your website is mobile friendly than you’re ahead of the curve!

Next steps

But if your website isn’t compatible with the new mobile standards, Google will provide a list of ways to address these issues and improve your standing.

Don’t worry if you didn’t pass, Innovations will get you back and running in no time! And once your website becomes mobile friendly, Google will automatically crawl and index your pages.

To learn more about what this change means for your individual business’ website, let’s talk!