Why We Shouldn’t Do Business Together


There are a million reasons anyone could convince somebody that something is a good idea. Being a silver-tongued salesman is a trick the worst companies teach you, and one that snake oil peddlers lean on heavily.

Here at Innovations, we believe firmly in the power of “no”. What does that mean, exactly? Today we are going to talk about why, perhaps, we shouldn’t do business together.

Money isn’t a talking point

There are two things in this world people hate talking about more than anything else—one of those things is money. It’s at the top of our list for a reason, because it’s a pretty common problem. Commerce cannot exist without money, so not being open about it is completely counter-intuitive to the whole process.

Without a clearly defined budget, there is no vision for your project. Just think, what if you set up a meeting with a potential client, and having gone through all the motions of a presentation, they said, “Well, we don’t really have a budget outlined for this.”

The result would be frustrating, to say the least. But, being experts in our field means knowing the value of our work and meeting your expectations visually, in content, and financially. It’s a fact of life, and we exist to do business with you.

All great relationships are built on trust


For a moment envision that you are at the doctor’s office. The doctor has just finished his examination and is going over the details with you. He prescribes you a medicine for that nagging back pain, and sends you on your way.

You’re at the weekly family dinner, sitting at the table talking about what the doctor told you and prescribed to you when your mother-in-law chimes in, saying she thinks the medicine isn’t going to work because they are just sugar pills. Would you listen to her, or to the doctor?

Being in this business as long as we have has given us a lot of experience with all walks of life. We’ve seen it all (or most of it, anyway) before. From good brands making poorly-written, borderline slanderous comments toward their customers, to design work being chosen based on nothing more than an uncle’s advice, you’d be hard-pressed to surprise us.

We know it’s your business and your livelihood at stake, and we take that very seriously. Your success is our success as well, and we want to be your partner. And getting you on-board means instilling a sense of trust.

Impulsivity is second-nature


Growing a business is not something for those prone to flight-of-fancy. And when we execute a marketing campaign, it’s with a long-term focus in mind. You’re business goals should always be focused on end-game material, and what you want to accomplish with your brand should never cater to short-term goals.

Marketing is a lot like farming, and if you can stay the course with us, we won’t steer you in the wrong direction.

There simply isn’t a fit


Maybe it’s because, after all this time, you don’t need a marketing agency. As much as business is all about making money, it’s more about offering a service to those who need it. And if we think a client sees us as a commodity rather than a brand, we’d be doing our current clients a disservice by detracting time spent with them. Marketing is not a quick-fix solution.

Or perhaps it’s one, or all, of the above reasons. Good business is about making the right decisions. And creating partnerships with the right clients who get the big idea and believe in you and your team just as much as they do in their own.

It’s like a pair of pants that don’t fit. They can be the best-looking, best feeling pants in the world. But, if you can’t button them up or their too short in the leg, then they don’t serve the purpose they were made for.

Ya know… being pants.

If you made it this far though, maybe there is a fit. There’s only one way to find out.

If you think you and your business are ready for a real conversation about what we can do to take it to the next level, reach out to us. Passionate people who have a clear vision of their future are who we love to see.