3 Things your Website and a Mercedes-Benz Have in Common


Your website. A super-fast, super-sleek luxury vehicle. At first glance the two share no discernible characteristics, but to us it couldn’t be clearer. Thinking in terms of facets that are tangible, which you can touch or hold, you may disregard the idea completely.

But, believe it or not, there are at least three attributes that both of them share. Today, we are going to tell you what your website and a Mercedes-Benz have in common.

You buy them as status symbols

Let’s put one thing to rest quickly. Websites are not a commodity, something which can be tossed and replaced without thought. At their heart, websites are your brand incarnate — something that interacts with every interested participant whether they are a part of your target demographic or not.

Just like a car, websites require a fit to their customer. Not everyone needs a convertible, or a manual transmission. And not everyone needs a cart or a gallery of photos added to their website. They are a luxury item meant to display the power and authority you own.

A quality website can add allure to your brand, just like a new car can add allure to your driveway. But above all a website must be useful. A family of four would find little use in a two-door coupe.

They both need tune-ups every now and then

Websites, much like cars, continue to evolve new feature sets and basic requirements. It wasn’t that long ago that cars still had electric cigarette lighters and didn’t require airbags. Nowadays, one of those features is defunct and the other is standard in every model.

Have you heard about mobilegeddon yet? Whether you believe the hype or not, Google has changed the game in terms of mobile searches and suddenly what used to be a perk has now become a stringent requirement. Getting mobile friendly is more akin to adding a turbocharger to your car — you’ll get where you need to go quicker.

The point is, websites and cars alike need to be updated and have maintenance performed routinely in order to function at peak efficiency. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. And if your car breaks down on you when you’re 10,000 miles overdue for an oil change, who do you blame?

You can’t throw a coat of new paint on an ’86 Camaro and call it new. And you can’t redesign your logo and call it a day, either.

It’s all about (your) brand

Simply put, you get what you put in to both. Put $5 worth of gasoline in your car, and you’ll get to the city limits (maybe further if you go with a more economic option). Fill the gas tank up, and you’ll get to your destination despite the long haul.

Likewise, if you cut corners when you develop your website, the quality will show and it won’t take your business much further than where you are currently at. But, if you put in resources to actively attract leads and engage them with content and opportunities that convert you will absolutely see a difference.