3 Reasons Why you Should Reconsider Advertising in the Phone Book


It’s 2015, and suddenly we find ourselves surrounded in a future that looks nothing like what Doc Brown and Marty McFly saw when they sped off into the sky back in 80s. In many ways, we outpaced the Robert Zemeckis flick by leaps and bounds, and in other ways we haven’t quite gotten there yet (we’re still waiting for down-to-the-minute accurate weather forecasting here in Kentucky).

In business meetings, clients often tell us they advertise in the phone book in some form or fashion, and that it’s been a big part of their budget for some time. Today, our blog topic focuses in on why it’s time to rethink advertising in the phone book.

Phone Book Ads are Static

Old fashioned print ads are quickly becoming an antique form of advertising, and for good reason. As the march toward the digital medium becomes more ubiquitous among businesses both large and small, phasing out the slow and archaic version of the written word is more prevalent than ever.

To some, this change-over is something to be feared, when in reality it should be praised. One of the best benefits to this medium is the level of control offered to the client. If your business moves, changes numbers, or updates its logo, the ability to change your current advertising without hassle is much easier to facilitate than in typical print advertising.

Though their business may argue that they’re service too has moved into the digital medium, there’s one unavoidable fact that they cannot change.

Google+ (and social media) Beats the Phone Book, Everytime

Google+ is the company’s answer to social media juggernaut Facebook. Say what you will about its use in terms of rate of adoption among people, its use for a business as a marker for Google to find relevant information (like store hours, a phone number, and an address) is unparalleled and allows a business to be put on the map—Google maps, that is. It’s so good, in fact, we wrote this blog post about it.

A properly optimized, active, and accurate Google+ page will provide you all the benefits of local advertising. Coupled with a properly optimized website that plays well with mobile devices, you can outpace the middlemen at phone book faster than ever before.

Phone Book Ads are Difficult to Track for Results

Sure, their physical assets can be measured by circulation (but even then, that number is inflated because not all of the printed books are used/read) and their website may be able to track the hits their page with your business on it receives. But, by comparison to the metrics and insights provided through SEO and SEM marketing, the phone book begins to look more like a patchwork of guesses than a part of a realistic marketing strategy.

And that is merely scratching the surface of a very lengthy discussion. Perhaps your ready to start a new one? If so, we’d love to sit down and explain what we can do to help your business get found quicker and easier.