The 3 Most Important Marketing Questions Everyone Should Be Asking


Great marketing isn’t born overnight—instead, it is more like farming. You get what you put in, and you must be attentive to it every step of the way from planting to harvest.

Every type of business owner from all walks of life has come and gone through our doors. There is very little that would surprise us. Everyone wants to have the next big idea, or product offering. But, people are often unable of answering this one question..

Do you have something worth marketing?

Generally speaking, people’s line of thinking falls into one of two camps; “Of course I have something worth marketing,” or “How do I know if I have something worth marketing?” For both camps, we suggest that you ask yourself these three critical questions about your product/service. Once you have the answers, you should know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the viability of what you’re offering.

Does my product solve a customer’s problem?

It’s a simple enough question; does your product or service solve a customer’s current problem? If not, then you’re merely crowding the current marketplace and commoditizing your offering. With very little to distinguish you from competitors, you will water down your product’s ability to stand out from the crowd.

A great product can solve problems for a customer they didn’t know they had. Giving the customer their own “a ha!” moment is, in its own way, a valuable piece of marketing on the smallest level.

Always remember the 4 P’s to marketing—product, price, place and promotion. Your product needs to stand out in as many of these areas as possible in order to set itself apart from your competitors!

Does my product fill a gap in a customer’s life?

In your consumer’s life there are gaps created by the different products and relationships they encounter every day. There is a hole left behind by what they have currently that your product has the potential to fill in—if you can find that answer, you can find the reason your product belongs in the marketplace and doesn’t commoditize your efforts.

Does my product meet expectations?

This is always tricky to answer, because everyone wants to believe their product exceeds the expectations of consumers. The market you are in often sets the standard of expectations. If you have trouble believing that, think about the last time you considered buying a car without a CD player. Did you base your buying decision solely on that feature? No, but the expectation that your new car would have one was already deeply imbedded.

Your product needs to not only meet that bar but also find a way to vault over the expectations in the current market place. Like we said earlier, if you can solve a problem for a customer they didn’t realize they had, that’s where great marketing and a great product come together and create the “next big thing”.

Do you feel like you have the next big thing just waiting to happen? Stop sitting on your hands and let’s have a conversation. Our doors remain open to those with ideas, big or small. Schedule a consultation and let’s pair your next great idea with some great marketing.