Are you Attracting Online Reviews for your Business?


For any budding new business, gaining traction and building clientele can be a difficult task. Doing so online can seem daunting and scary; what if someone writes a poor review of your business? What if they don’t bother saying anything at all? Knowing how to attract online reviews is also a key point to your SEO. This Moz survey indicates that they can account for 10% of how well your business ranks online.

So, how do you attract online reviews for your business? We’re here to help.

It’s simple—ask!

Yep, the old tried-and-true method of asking your customers to write a review of your business online is one of the simplest ways of attracting new online reviews. The key is asking immediately after they have had a great experience and would likely feel compelled to talk about it openly.

A common objection to this idea is not knowing how to ask appropriately, or without feeling like you’re being demanding of the customer. It can vary between different types of businesses, but some ways to ask are with printed materials (like a postcard or small form) you can give them, a follow up with an e-mail if possible, or perhaps a phone call. All of these are possible scenarios that don’t impede on the customers will or time.

Posting to social media that you are looking for those who’ve recently visited or used your business can help as well. Better than a mass e-mail, but less targeted than just asking your customers, this method can often incite those who have experience with your business to share their thoughts.

Make it easy.

If leaving a review is complicated, you’re not going to attract anything. Setting up a Google business page is an absolute must, as well as setting up sites like Yelp! and Facebook to make finding you as simple as possible.

When creating these various accounts, fully optimizing the content with good descriptions of your business and consistent branding is integral. Pieces like: consistent use of your name, address, phone number, and photos/your logo should all be uniform throughout.

Be attentive to current reviews

You’re not always going to please everyone. Providing an outlet for customers to express themselves, even when it is negative, is important. Addressing these negative comments is absolutely crucial to preening your presence amongst the community and ensuring that you’re nipping any problems in the bud before they can fester.

If you have reviews online, take a gauge of customer’s opinions as-is. If you have unaddressed negative reviews, take some time to talk to these customers and try to make it right. People will talk to others about how interactive your business is and will be more likely to engage with you online.

Are you taking advantage of your online presence? If not, the time to act is now.