How Does your Business Rank on YouTube?


Pop quiz — what is the world’s largest search engine? Answer: Google. But, everyone knows that, right? Do you know what the second largest search engine is?

YouTube. Okay, so maybe our image and title gave it away just a little.

The video platform garners over 1 billion (with a ‘b’!) unique visitors each month. Couple this fact with the staggering amount of video viewed each month, 6 billion hours, it is a lot of traffic for one website.

If your business isn’t using YouTube to its full advantage, it’s time to rethink that strategy with this blog post.

What are YouTube’s Ranking Factors?


What’s in a name?

Ranking well in YouTube is essential. But, how do you do that? Like any important piece of content, you need a great title. Generally, a title shouldn’t be any longer than 70 characters in YouTube. It needs to jump out and attract people to what your video is about while also being accurate.

Have a great video about being a beekeeper? Say so, but make sure it is a great beekeeping video as well! Without great content, you’re not going to convert traffic to your website or your landing pages which should be the ultimate goal of any video.

This is all in the name of generating views. Both YouTube and people treat highly-viewed videos as more relevant content to the viewer’s search. So, gaining these views is integral to your video performing well.


Optimize for the Medium

Creating engaging content is more than having a good camera and an eye for what looks good. A great video should include a tasteful blend of:

  • Music
  • Graphical overlays and infographics as needed
  • Consistent editing that helps the flow of the video
  • A CTA or another video (or the video added to a playlist) to keep the viewer engaged with your company/brand

As mentioned in our last point above, adding your video to a playlist of videos about the topic from your company is a solid way to keep viewers engaged. Doing so will automatically play another video once the first one ends, which will increase view counts and increase ranking in YouTube and Google searches.

When writing a video description and title, include keyword-rich text and be thorough about the contents of the video. Include proper tags that help people find your video when searching for related topics. Your brands, topics your business covers, even your geographic location are all great ideas for tags.

Finishing your video with an enticing CTA is one of the most effective ways to convert viewers into leads. Being creative in this instance is integral to success. Whether it’s a simple video overlay where you’ve included a graphic in the video to make it appear interactive, or a channel trailer that shows off what your business is about, don’t discredit any new idea too quickly.


Google + Youtube Integration

Google and YouTube have been integrated for awhile now, even going as far as requiring a Google+ account to log in to YouTube (which is no longer the case, actually). The two platforms have been intertwined which makes using YouTube to your advantage incredibly important.

A fleshed-out YouTube profile goes a long way to increasing credibility in the eyes of a viewer. If they click on your profile, it shows a general interest in what your company is about. If you happened across a business that had not filled out any information, setting a profile picture or channel video, what would you think about that company versus one that had completed that process?

Think of your profile as a call-to-action that appears on every video you post. It should be helping to drive visitors to your website where you can control the content and its delivery more effectively.

Of course, sharing the video across multiple platforms will help it rank better in searches. Don’t negate the effectiveness of consistent sharing across all social media when utilizing YouTube. The buttons are right there underneath the video, after all!