Why Every CEO Should Be Blogging


It goes without saying that the CEO of a company is an important position in almost every way. How the CEO behaves and reacts in situations can directly impact morale among employees as well as how your company is perceived by its audience.

As a marketing tool, blogging is all about reaching out and talking to the right people in a meaningful way. C-level executives are often subjected to the most visibility and scrutiny, especially during a crisis. During good times and bad times alike, how does your CEO communicate with their employees and public?

This blog explains why every CEO should blog regularly and how it can help your company stand out among the rest.

Blogging humanizes your organization.

A CEO is a crucial human asset to a company of any size. Don’t hide this asset! As the leader, they should be viewed more as the quarterback than the owner of the team.

Allowing them to inject the company’s voice with their personality goes a long way toward creating a distinctive brand that seems more personal.


It makes the CEO an expert, and builds trust.

CEOs achieve their position in a company by knowing it like the back of their hand either through education, experience or both. Companies that want to position themselves as industry experts and leaders should be utilizing this voice and knowledge to their advantage.

An open line of communication instills trust among your audience. Sharing the vision and knowledge of your company creates transparency that sets your business apart from those in your vertical. Blogging has a positive impact on business results, enhances your credibility and builds a good relationship with the media.


Blogging is a reliable channel of communication.

Blogging is unparalleled as a means of opening up communication to your audience. Starting a blog that is authentic, informative and offers insight into a CEO’s day-to-day activities and thoughts is incredibly beneficial. When bad news is looming, a blog can act as a way of controlling the conversation and allowing your company to stay in front of the news.

Of course, blogging regularly offers a form of two-way communication that you can control. Distributing this content directly from the CEO through multiple social media outlets not only gives your company a face, but a megaphone as well.


How does a CEO get started?

For CEOs interested in blogging, first you must establish an overall strategy, schedule and calendar. Be consistent with your publishing, tone and direction. Make time to sit down and think about what you want to accomplish and how you can achieve those goals. It may seem daunting but practice makes perfect.