Innovations Turns 15


We wouldn’t say that Innovations is old … It’s experienced.

We have seen a lot throughout our decade and a half of practice, and as a result our company has grown and bettered itself every day.

But why does it even matter?

We’ve Seen Ghosts of Businesses Past

We were in business through the downfalls of iconic brands such as Circuit City and Hummer.

In 2007, Circuit City fired 3,400 of its highest paid employees. While that decision isn’t the sole reason Circuit City is no longer around, it certainly played its part.

Hummer vehicles boasted a trendy appearance and a horrifying 10 miles to the gallon. By 2010, the brand proved that edgy looks can’t compensate for outrageous gas mileage.

Thanks to seeing these lessons unfold in real time, we remember to constantly push our own creativity, value our team and focus on building quality work for our clients.


We’ve Ridden the Tidal Wave of Technology

Since our inception coincided with the beginning of a new millennium, it’s only right that Innovations has grown up with technology.

Our company saw the creation of the Apple iPod and iPhone, and watched as VCRs and floppy disks were replaced with DVD and players and USB flash drives, and then by Blu-ray players and digital storage.

Innovations also saw the rise of social media that have shaped our current culture. We were putting in hours before anyone had ever heard of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Now, our team uses all of them daily!


Practice Makes Perfect

No, we’re not saying we’re perfect. But you get the idea. The Innovations team has the knowledge and skills to handle anything our clients throw at us.

Our company has weathered the tests of 15 years – specialty clients, technology shifts and minor scrapes included.

After 15 years, our agency is healthy and intact.

After 15 years, our team is still excited to learn about new software, technology and better ways to grow our clients’ businesses.

After 15 years, we are still the best marketing partner for your company in the business.